Sunday, 15 March 2015

Gifts for grandads

Coming up super soon is my step grandads birthday (80+ a few!). What do you buy a person who has everything?! 
Here's my list of things I found along my very hard journey:

  • A newspaper/ magazine subscription 
  • Collection of photos of the family, old and new ones in a frame or book
  • A photo of a scene where he used to visit/ live when growing up- great if they grew up somewhere completely different (like different country)
  • A gift box made with their favourite things, DVDs, chocolates, drink, sweets, books etc
  • Theatre or cinema tickets/ vouchers
  • A trip to London for sightseeing or nearest city
  • Lunch/ dinner out or picnic 
  • A curry subscription (each month they get a new curry to make)
  • Grow your own plants - ikea do some great miniture greenhouses that hold one plant! 
  • A train/ boat trip (could be seasonal) 
  • Personalised gift- glass, mug, cheese set etc

From searching trough millions of websites it looks like a general problem for me, these are for all grandads that have hobbies, are active, fairly modern or like to drink! When you think of a grandad mines very traditional so it's very difficult to find the perfect gift that won't add clutter. 
Many people suggest making a memory for him not just handing him over a gift, I think this is the perfect idea! Or something he will actually use and not just sit there! Think... What would you want if you had everything and are retired? A day out is the main thing that springs to mind, a trip to look forward to and look back on. 

Have any suggestions? Post a comment xoxo

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