Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Green dream

Not quite feeling spring here yet, so still in the jumpers. Today's been crazy weather wise, hail, thunder, sunshine, wind and rain! 
I spent my morning at work then popped out for a yummy lunch with mum at a local town pub. I ate it too fast to snap a picture...whoops. Here's what I chose to keep me warm! Xoxo 

Copy my look...
Lime green oversized jumper similar style here or here
Blue skinny jeans exact here and similar here
Black boots similar here
Gold jewelled necklace similar here

Monday, 30 March 2015

Tonight's bedtime routine

My three basic products before sleep...
I'm taking off my makeup with Garnier micellar cleansing water. I was a bit sceptical at first thinking how can a product that is cleansing water going to remove all my makeup? It comes in a large 400ml which states can be up to 200 uses, great! Amazingly it does manage to take off my makeup including my mascara, after several cotton wool pads later! (I must admit my normal routine is a flannel with a cleansing face wash so I cut out the buying and throwing all the cotton pads) 
Next I use my normal Nivea toner, it seems to grab all the remaining bits of makeup that my cleanser leaves behind, maybe I'm just not thorough enough the first time round but I just hate all the cotton pads I get through!! 
An added step I took was using my trusty Soap & Glory face mask, which refines your pores. It's a messy face mask which stays creamy but you can feel the magic working once applied and the blue beads have disappeared. I first brought this years ago and have been a fan ever since and would keep going back for more. Let's hope I wake up with perfect skin, we can only wish for ;p Xoxo

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Puppy love

A night in with the girls and the puppies! What more could a girl ask for? 
Saturday nights shouldn't all be about going out drinking, I love girlie nights with takeout and tv (with the added bonus of all the updated gossip!) 
These two went nuts all night! Xoxo

Friday, 27 March 2015

Home spa night with Quick Fix Facials and Sanctuary Spa

I'm getting ready for a girlie night here's a few products that are currently my top picks. 

The quick fix facials come in a range of face masks, I picked mine up at Tk Maxx but they also sell them in many drug stores including Boots and supermarkets including Tesco. This one is a brightening peel and smells amazing. Its a clear mask, once applied and left for the required time you just peel it off, which is the fun part! I'm excited to try more from this range, hopefully I will love them all just as much. 
Then there is the body oil from Sanctuary Spa which I recently purchased, its a 4 day long moisture body oil spray. It works pretty well, I'm yet to really feel it benefits for the 4 days but as it's currently only now getting into spring I think I'll wait until I'm out of jumpers and trousers so I can see if it actually works. 
And I cannot forget a bar of Diary Milk and a magazine for the gossip and fashion ideas ;p xoxo

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Here's me and my twin with our nanny many years ago! Seems the perfect photo for my throwback Thursday as I went to see her today for a catch up. Family love xoxo 

A snapshot of a few of my makeup bits

Try a sample of urban decay naked palette and you'll never look back, perfect for day and night. I cannot wait to get more! 
Set off any look with a pop of colour from Yves Saint Laurent with added sparkle, what more could a girl ask for?!
And here's my favourite mascara, Max Factor- False Lash Effect, I'm trying to find one I love more, the challenge is proving difficult xoxo

Perfume and fragrance

Have you ever ventured somewhere you thought only teenagers go? The fragrance section in the clothes store, be it Zara, Riverisland, Next etc? 
Well believe me they are actually purse and nose friendly. Here are a few I've picked up in recent months... And I still get as many compliments as I do when wearing more expensive brands! 
Many are similar to the much pricier brands, I suppose the disappointing thing is owning up to it being the much cheaper clothes store one!
Check out my favourite ones below... Xoxo

From top left: Next Diamonds, Victioria Secrets Pure Daydream, Hollister Crescent Bay, Hollister Malibu Beach, Zara Gold, Next Gold

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My go to hair products

What's in my bathroom?

I love Aussie shampoo and conditioner, also their serums and leave in conditioner are amazing, just the smell makes me happy!
My go to dry shampoo is Batiste currently in blush which adds volume and you can hold out that extra day without washing... Best friend to our long haired girls. 
I love Lee Stafford dehumidifier and will not leave the house without a little spray, my mum and sister are also lovers of this stuff! It keeps hair shiney and silky and I notice such a difference straightening after using this. And can't forget his blow dry faster spray which I do believe works even a minute less is good enough for me! 
My current hairspray is L'OrĂ©al Elnett Satin which is growing on me, I must say I'm not the biggest fan on the scent but Cheryl Cole sold it to me in an advert... I'm a sucker for that Xoxo

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My current best friend

Yet again I'm sick. Yuk. But learnt a valuable lesson from last time... Buy night nurse! Off I popped to the pharmacy for these beauties- I need a good night sleep and my voice needs to return. No one likes picking up the phone at work and not being able to talk... Or do they? :p xoxo

A few of my things...

I've started reading this book on holiday last year and I really need to get back into it. My friend gave it to me with good recommendations so I need a quiet moment to myself, maybe on a sunny beach. 
The face mist here from the body shop is just the best. I found it a few years ago in a magazine article and now I'm addicted! I use it to set my makeup and hate when I forget it, you can also use it throughout the day or after a flight to refresh and revive you makeup. Shop for it here

Monday, 23 March 2015

My love of Pinterest

What are you pinning right now? Come over to my Pinterest to find what inspires me. 
I love finding new recipes, home ideas, diy etc 

Follow me here xoxo

My weeks round up

Another week gone already, they seem to just flyby. When I was younger the days seemed so long and the weekends always were so far away. 
I managed to pack a bit into my weekend, I popped to the next sale on Saturday to pick up some new work bits with my friend. I managed to get a few bits but I resisted the new season range... For now :p
Then I popped into town after lunch for a few bits before a house party in the evening. 
Today my sister came over and we went to a wedding event to get some ideas for hers in September. I forgot that these events people LOVE to talk! 
I hope next weekends going to be just as fun, best start making plans!
I'm now cuddled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself with yet another cold ergh. I need to start taking vitamins! Xoxo

Friday, 20 March 2015

It's Friday!

This weeks been super busy I'm so glad it's now the weekend. Off to a house party Saturday so planning on getting sorted for that tomorrow. I'm hoping my nail stuff arrives tomorrow so I can re do them. Fingers and toes crossed!
So an update on my diet, after a few slip ups of a chocolate bar here and there I still managed to loose 2lb so I'm now down to 9stone 4! I'm happy and it just shows that even if you don't completely stick to your planned idea that a little bit of effort still gets rewarded! :D 
I really need to stick at it in time for holiday though erghhh.
Here's some pretty flowers to brighten up our weekend as today's the first offical day of Spring, how exciting!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What are you wearing today?

I've been digging through my clothes lately to update my work wardrobe, who else does it? Or is it just me?! Every few months clothes move over to my work side to make room for the new stuff! I forgot I even had this skirt but it's comfy and I love clothes that are stylish but you can wear them easily. It ticks a few boxes with the black and white trend :p

Copy my look...
Peplum black top similar here or here
Black and white skirt similar here or here
Necklace similar here

Have a good evening beauts xoxo 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day two... Sweet potato

Hey guys! So day two is almost over, I started off my day with an apple (better than nothing, right?!) 
Lunch consisted of a two egg omelette with cheddar cheese tomato and ham. Then finished off with a yogurt. 
Now dinner was interesting.. I've been trying to convince myself I will love sweet potatoes. So I popped it in the oven as a baked potato then topped with a bit of butter with sour cream and chives all mashed in.
 A side of broccoli bake which is: broccoli, bacon, mozzarella and a sauce of milk, butter and chicken stock mix together and pour over the ingredients. I cooked at 200°c for 20 minutes. 
And then just some chicken strips. 
I am now FULL and still no closer to loving sweet potatoes :( I still have one left to try and change my mind! 
I've been drinking tea, water and squash and finished my afternoon off with a 10 minute jog. 

Here's hoping all this experimenting pays off just a little in time for the weekend. Xoxo

Monday, 16 March 2015

Day one... Never skip breakfast

I skipped breakfast, naughty I know but was too busy! That won't of helped me I'm sure :(
Lunch consisted of creamy chicken soup and a few spoon fulls of raspberry yogurt. 
Dinner was yummy chilli con carne with guacamole and cheddar cheese, yum! More raspberry yogurt and a few cups of tea.  
I've got cucumber chunks with a cheese and chive dip for a snack. Lets hope I stick to this plan my whole week! Here's  my starting wait (ekk) and a few snaps of what I was eating xoxo

Sunday, 15 March 2015

London things to do, trips and tricks

Last year I spent a lot of tourist time in London and found some fun different things to do instead of the usual tourist things. Check out where I got to go...

Fly Emirates where you can do a hop on hop off or a round trip and you can get it cheaper with an Oyster card

Ice bar where you get dressed in a cape and get drinks in ice glasses! 

Live music in Canary Whalf shopping mall

London aquarium 

There's also the shard, river tours, shows, Harry Potter world (not in the centre) westfields shopping centre, the zoo, London eye and lots more!

Here's where I want to go to...

Check out this site for more ideas. 
We stayed in an apartment, we found this cheaper and easier, we popped to the local shops got dinner and cooked it in our apartment, giving us more money to do other things. Here and here is who I stayed with (but I stayed with them when they were both under the same company called Think), you can get good deals if you shop around and sign up to certain newsletters for 1st time discounts.

Enjoy your time in London xoxo

My weeks round up

It's Sunday, the day of rest!
Here's a round up of my week, what I've been up to, tips/tricks I've learned and my life changing (to me) purchases. 

This weeks kind of been a blur, I've been so busy with work as soon as I've got home I've crashed out on the sofa. But I've learnt a couple of things while sitting on my bum reading through emails and websites. 

Check out this article, it tells you the interesting saving tip when shopping in Zara. A well known Spanish brand which many of us love, but did you know the price differences between the UK and Spain would be quite so large?

A next top tip on this article is when travelling peak season (school holidays for example) you can save by buying flights in 'flexifares' for non holiday times then once booked amending your travel dates! (Seems like it doesn't always work out but worth looking into)

I brought my (hopefully) life changing hair product, which happens to be a bore bristle brush. While searching the web last weekend on how to perfect the smooth ponytail/bun I came across this brush. I maybe, and more than likely, are behind the times here. My hair is always sticking out and after a (what it seems like) can of hairspray, still my hair finds a way of popping out of place. While I've not put my hair up since purchacing, instead I've been perfecting my 100's of brush strokes through my hair from root to tip to help spread your hairs natural oils (known as sebum to the hair world) and with little use of my normal hair potions I've been very pleasantly surprised with the results. My hairs smooth, moves better (the lack of products needed to help tame my hair meant less movement) and just feels better in general! 

We popped to Ikea on Saturday which is always a place to find exciting new things, I'm a little obsessed but I have to put away my bank card and think sensible! But a few cool new things I found are...
Miniture greenhouses perfect for gifts for keen gardeners at £8 each

What I'm wearing...
Cute pink nails 

How did your mum love Mother's Day? Hope you all enjoyed your weekend... Hurry up next weekend xoxo

Gifts for grandads

Coming up super soon is my step grandads birthday (80+ a few!). What do you buy a person who has everything?! 
Here's my list of things I found along my very hard journey:

  • A newspaper/ magazine subscription 
  • Collection of photos of the family, old and new ones in a frame or book
  • A photo of a scene where he used to visit/ live when growing up- great if they grew up somewhere completely different (like different country)
  • A gift box made with their favourite things, DVDs, chocolates, drink, sweets, books etc
  • Theatre or cinema tickets/ vouchers
  • A trip to London for sightseeing or nearest city
  • Lunch/ dinner out or picnic 
  • A curry subscription (each month they get a new curry to make)
  • Grow your own plants - ikea do some great miniture greenhouses that hold one plant! 
  • A train/ boat trip (could be seasonal) 
  • Personalised gift- glass, mug, cheese set etc

From searching trough millions of websites it looks like a general problem for me, these are for all grandads that have hobbies, are active, fairly modern or like to drink! When you think of a grandad mines very traditional so it's very difficult to find the perfect gift that won't add clutter. 
Many people suggest making a memory for him not just handing him over a gift, I think this is the perfect idea! Or something he will actually use and not just sit there! Think... What would you want if you had everything and are retired? A day out is the main thing that springs to mind, a trip to look forward to and look back on. 

Have any suggestions? Post a comment xoxo

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Diet in a week

Will you join me in my fast week plan on my diet and health kick? 

Starting Monday I'm planning on loosing some weight! Why I'm not including Sunday you ask? Well I'm having a much deserved treat after a stressful few weeks! Plus it's Mother's Day, I can't just be eating salad while she eats all the cakes can I?
So last year I done the atkins plan, stuck very well to it and fitted in the gym, I lost an amazing 7lb in a week. I'm not saying I'm going to able to match that again but I'm hoping I'll come close. 
I'm choosing to plan my whole week of meals, that way I know what to look forward to and I won't just give up and grab a bag of crisps for my mid morning breakfast. Plus, I'm a very fussy eater, I'm becoming more adventurous but it's a slow process!  
My goal is to eat healthy but not live as strict as the atkins phase one as believe me, it's tough!
I have no gym membership this year so I'm going solo and using apps, YouTube/tv workouts to help keep me moving. I'll post my day of food with the recipes I used and the workouts that kept me moving. 
Check back with my progress and hopefully I'll be inspiring more to get motivated. 

Help me along the way and post a comment, any tips, tricks, recipes will be much appreciated! Xoxo

Friday, 13 March 2015

Jungle love

Green jungle trend.
I love these trousers, they are super comfy and great for work. Pairing with a black jumper to make them the star of the show and an extra pop with a statement gold necklace. I'm all for buying great pieces that are not overly priced. They were a great price in shhh don't tell everyone... Primark. 
I have a love hate relationship with this shop! But I pick up a few pieces that I love here and there. Don't knock it until you've tried it, and tried it a few more times ;p 

Copy my look...
Black jumper similar here
Green trousers similar here or here can't find green sorry! :(
Black ankle boots similar here or here
Gold statement necklace similar here
Michael kors watch here or similar here
H&m bracelet here 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Magic secret to wrinkle free...so they say

I recently stumbled across a idea that's been around while but hardly gets any mentions. I heard about it a long time ago then stumbled across it again. 
This is the art of derma rolling/ stamping/ needling; there are a few ways to describe the technique. 
Now I was very sceptical and read several different articles about this and then decided hey, why not give it a try? I have an annoying line between my eyebrows and at 24 I didn't want to start Botox! 
So the idea is (a quick guide) you disinfect the area you wish to treat and the tool you are going to use. I chose just a very fine needle as I didn't want to spend great amounts on a tool I wasn't sure on. 
Then you carefully follow the line of your wrinkle with the needle pressing into the skin, pricking it. I can't say it's painless but you have the option to go lightly or not. I found making my skin taught made it easier. Thankfully I chose to do this before bed as it does make the area red! 
Waking up the next day to my surprise, yes I could see a tiny difference! I done this for a few times in a week and I can say now my makeup doesn't sit in my wrinkle. 
So apparently the science behind it is by pricking the skin it produces collogeon.
Sceptical? Seriously what have you got to loose?

There are many different tools to use so get researching and find yourself pleasently surprised like me!
(My wrinkles haven't been around for years so this could be the reason for it working so well!) 
This can also improve other marks and imperfections......

Please do your research, they even do this in clinics so ask around if you are unsure.

Why not check out an article on derma needling, it explains it in more detail here

Since writing this draft blog post I recently brought a derma roller. It's a lot easier to use than a single needle and much quicker.

I decided to go with a 1mm needles as after reading comments, blogs, articles this to me seemed it would be right for my skin. What I considered is; where I am using the tool, how deep my wrinkles are, using at home so I don't have the option of numbing cream. 
This is mine...

Check out this website where people post before and after photos and share their owns experiences,

I'll update you once I've trialled it for a while so check back, but don't leave it too long ;) xoxo

What's trending?

Close to becoming spring 15 it's now time (well at least for me) to start dreaming about my new purchases. But being a year with a difference, this year I HAVE TO budget :( 
I'm attempting £100 a month to spend, this includes going out, clothes, beauty etc. so my budget is tiny, forgive me for posts that contain clothes from cheaper sites! I'll be spreading out the purchases throughout the months so I need to pick wisely and include my own items while trying to stay on trend. As we all know trends seem to come round again pretty quickly just with a few ever so slight changes.
I found this website rounds up spring15 PERFECTLY for me.   
Here's my break down on the spring/summer15 trends I want to be wearing from the above link... 


Simple, no fuss

I decided on a casual work outfit knowing I'd be running around a lot today! 
So happy the weathers getting better, now I get to wear my thinner cardigans! Finally! I kept my outfit simple with thick leggings, black ankle boots, plain white shirt and navy stripped baggy cardigan. 


Copy my look...
White H&M too similar here
Brown Topshop braided belt similar here
Navy cardigan similar here or here (now with £10 off!) sorry can't find navy ones :(
Black leggings from Marks and Spencer

Monday, 9 March 2015

Mother's Day, what's mum really want?

Are you planning to spoil her? Or keep it more traditional?
I must admit this year I'm planning on keeping things much simpler, when did Mother's Day start becoming so over the top? Don't get me wrong, I love my mum but a lovely bunch of flowers and a meal means just as much as a new watch, right? 
Just incase your stuck, on a budget or not, here's some ideas for your (last minute :p) Mother's Day gift...

Flowers, cards and little gifts delivered straight to mum or to you to give by hand try: moonpig
Free card with purchase of flowers and selected gifts
Or go for flowers you pick yourself and arrange in a special vase with ribbon and attach a photo with a cute message. 

What about a spa day? Try groupon or local spas for deals near you. Many include special deals like 2 for 1. 

Want a more affordable option that she will still love? Try a 'spa in a jar' a lovely idea she will love (I gave this gift last year and she loved it) get a pretty jar (I found mine at Tk Maxx) and fill with pamper bits, things to include- face creams, nail varnishes, face masks, hand and foot creams (you can get packs that include special gloves and socks. What about putting in her favourite perfume in (on a super tight budget what about grabbing 
some samples? Not all gifts have to cost, it's the thought that counts) her favourite chocolate bars, eye masks. The possibilities are endless (well almost, depending on your jar size!) fill any empty space with cotton wool balls, a ribbon round the top with a label naming 'spa in a jar' write a nice message on the back. 
I found this great idea on Pinterest, come join me if you like... Click here. 

Take her out for an afternoon tea, many places are now starting to do this ranging in prices. Recently I've gone to two (both at the same place) and loved it so did my friends and family- including mum! Many give you a tiered cake stand full with savouries and sweets including tea and coffee, who would turn down that? Here's my recent trip to the Salthouse harbour hotel in Suffolk...

Not looking to venture out? Make afternoon tea at home, you can even pick up cardboard cake stands, yummy cakes my favourite are Betty Crocker for a quick, simple but great bake. Then put on mums favourite movie? Or treat her to the cinema. Try local ones they are sometimes cheaper than the big named ones.

A personalised gift? May sound boring but there's some new ideas coming out. Personalised necklace with date of births of her children or become even more interesting and do the coordinates of birth places of all her children (not so exciting if all born in one hospital though!), or a favourite quote/saying, a family photo cushion or canvas could include song quotes. What about a personalised jigsaw- this idea I done at Christmas of an old baby photo of me and my twin sister to our nanny and she absolutely loved it! There are many more ideas but there were just my favourite. 

Jewellery I feel is always a winner, so pick wisely and it will sure be well loved by her. 

Let's hope the weather stays sunny and all our mums have the best Mother's Day. Good luck in finding your perfect gift, I hope I've inspired at least a few of you! Xoxo


Are you like me and struggle for unique gifts but that people will love?
I personally hate the idea that I have to ask someone to return my gift they thoughtfully picked out for me. To many, it may seem like I don't care or that I'm ungrateful. But to me, wasting money on something I won't use or like seems the worst thing possible. Only in the last few years have I got over my fear to ask them to return it or for the gift receipt. 
So I'm trying to come up with interesting, yet affordable ideas to buy your loved ones, friends, colleagues, secret santas etc! After searching high and low every year I only find the same boring ideas, or ones really out of budget..... Check out my ideas but be sure not to tell my family and friends!

If you have any suggestions for gifts then why not leave a comment xoxo

Have you got a passion for fashion?

All day, everyday I'm thinking about it. What other people are wearing, where they get their skirt from, that statement necklace etc. So it's increasingly difficult being the year of saving to try not to spend on silly items. 

Trying to use the idea when shopping for new items:
1) Will I use/wear it?
2) Do I need it?
3) Can I find a cheaper option? (In store/online) 

A lot of the time I forget to shop around, mainly when buying online. I forget to look for discount codes, or cashback sites. I'm trying to find the easiest way to remember these without the code jumping at me when opening up the website! (Which by the way would be most useful!) I'm yet to come with a suitable idea, sorry. 

So why not use these simple rules above to help while trying not to over spend. I'll be posting more useful tips and sites throughout my blog so keep checking back! 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Monochrome with a pop

Finally a sunny Sunday! Does this mean the start of spring? I sure hope so as I'm itching to swap my wardrobes over and put the wolly jumpers away! 
I love black and white but when the suns out an added bit of brightness makes me even happier, especially pink! Got over keen with the sun and went to the local seaside town, but no ice creams yet :(  

Copy my look...
Lace H&M jumer similar here or here
Cameo rose trousers similar here
Riverisland jacket similar here or here
Gold necklace from Topshop similar here