Saturday, 14 March 2015

Diet in a week

Will you join me in my fast week plan on my diet and health kick? 

Starting Monday I'm planning on loosing some weight! Why I'm not including Sunday you ask? Well I'm having a much deserved treat after a stressful few weeks! Plus it's Mother's Day, I can't just be eating salad while she eats all the cakes can I?
So last year I done the atkins plan, stuck very well to it and fitted in the gym, I lost an amazing 7lb in a week. I'm not saying I'm going to able to match that again but I'm hoping I'll come close. 
I'm choosing to plan my whole week of meals, that way I know what to look forward to and I won't just give up and grab a bag of crisps for my mid morning breakfast. Plus, I'm a very fussy eater, I'm becoming more adventurous but it's a slow process!  
My goal is to eat healthy but not live as strict as the atkins phase one as believe me, it's tough!
I have no gym membership this year so I'm going solo and using apps, YouTube/tv workouts to help keep me moving. I'll post my day of food with the recipes I used and the workouts that kept me moving. 
Check back with my progress and hopefully I'll be inspiring more to get motivated. 

Help me along the way and post a comment, any tips, tricks, recipes will be much appreciated! Xoxo
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