Friday, 27 March 2015

Home spa night with Quick Fix Facials and Sanctuary Spa

I'm getting ready for a girlie night here's a few products that are currently my top picks. 

The quick fix facials come in a range of face masks, I picked mine up at Tk Maxx but they also sell them in many drug stores including Boots and supermarkets including Tesco. This one is a brightening peel and smells amazing. Its a clear mask, once applied and left for the required time you just peel it off, which is the fun part! I'm excited to try more from this range, hopefully I will love them all just as much. 
Then there is the body oil from Sanctuary Spa which I recently purchased, its a 4 day long moisture body oil spray. It works pretty well, I'm yet to really feel it benefits for the 4 days but as it's currently only now getting into spring I think I'll wait until I'm out of jumpers and trousers so I can see if it actually works. 
And I cannot forget a bar of Diary Milk and a magazine for the gossip and fashion ideas ;p xoxo
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