Sunday, 15 March 2015

My weeks round up

It's Sunday, the day of rest!
Here's a round up of my week, what I've been up to, tips/tricks I've learned and my life changing (to me) purchases. 

This weeks kind of been a blur, I've been so busy with work as soon as I've got home I've crashed out on the sofa. But I've learnt a couple of things while sitting on my bum reading through emails and websites. 

Check out this article, it tells you the interesting saving tip when shopping in Zara. A well known Spanish brand which many of us love, but did you know the price differences between the UK and Spain would be quite so large?

A next top tip on this article is when travelling peak season (school holidays for example) you can save by buying flights in 'flexifares' for non holiday times then once booked amending your travel dates! (Seems like it doesn't always work out but worth looking into)

I brought my (hopefully) life changing hair product, which happens to be a bore bristle brush. While searching the web last weekend on how to perfect the smooth ponytail/bun I came across this brush. I maybe, and more than likely, are behind the times here. My hair is always sticking out and after a (what it seems like) can of hairspray, still my hair finds a way of popping out of place. While I've not put my hair up since purchacing, instead I've been perfecting my 100's of brush strokes through my hair from root to tip to help spread your hairs natural oils (known as sebum to the hair world) and with little use of my normal hair potions I've been very pleasantly surprised with the results. My hairs smooth, moves better (the lack of products needed to help tame my hair meant less movement) and just feels better in general! 

We popped to Ikea on Saturday which is always a place to find exciting new things, I'm a little obsessed but I have to put away my bank card and think sensible! But a few cool new things I found are...
Miniture greenhouses perfect for gifts for keen gardeners at £8 each

What I'm wearing...
Cute pink nails 

How did your mum love Mother's Day? Hope you all enjoyed your weekend... Hurry up next weekend xoxo
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