Monday, 9 March 2015

Mother's Day, what's mum really want?

Are you planning to spoil her? Or keep it more traditional?
I must admit this year I'm planning on keeping things much simpler, when did Mother's Day start becoming so over the top? Don't get me wrong, I love my mum but a lovely bunch of flowers and a meal means just as much as a new watch, right? 
Just incase your stuck, on a budget or not, here's some ideas for your (last minute :p) Mother's Day gift...

Flowers, cards and little gifts delivered straight to mum or to you to give by hand try: moonpig
Free card with purchase of flowers and selected gifts
Or go for flowers you pick yourself and arrange in a special vase with ribbon and attach a photo with a cute message. 

What about a spa day? Try groupon or local spas for deals near you. Many include special deals like 2 for 1. 

Want a more affordable option that she will still love? Try a 'spa in a jar' a lovely idea she will love (I gave this gift last year and she loved it) get a pretty jar (I found mine at Tk Maxx) and fill with pamper bits, things to include- face creams, nail varnishes, face masks, hand and foot creams (you can get packs that include special gloves and socks. What about putting in her favourite perfume in (on a super tight budget what about grabbing 
some samples? Not all gifts have to cost, it's the thought that counts) her favourite chocolate bars, eye masks. The possibilities are endless (well almost, depending on your jar size!) fill any empty space with cotton wool balls, a ribbon round the top with a label naming 'spa in a jar' write a nice message on the back. 
I found this great idea on Pinterest, come join me if you like... Click here. 

Take her out for an afternoon tea, many places are now starting to do this ranging in prices. Recently I've gone to two (both at the same place) and loved it so did my friends and family- including mum! Many give you a tiered cake stand full with savouries and sweets including tea and coffee, who would turn down that? Here's my recent trip to the Salthouse harbour hotel in Suffolk...

Not looking to venture out? Make afternoon tea at home, you can even pick up cardboard cake stands, yummy cakes my favourite are Betty Crocker for a quick, simple but great bake. Then put on mums favourite movie? Or treat her to the cinema. Try local ones they are sometimes cheaper than the big named ones.

A personalised gift? May sound boring but there's some new ideas coming out. Personalised necklace with date of births of her children or become even more interesting and do the coordinates of birth places of all her children (not so exciting if all born in one hospital though!), or a favourite quote/saying, a family photo cushion or canvas could include song quotes. What about a personalised jigsaw- this idea I done at Christmas of an old baby photo of me and my twin sister to our nanny and she absolutely loved it! There are many more ideas but there were just my favourite. 

Jewellery I feel is always a winner, so pick wisely and it will sure be well loved by her. 

Let's hope the weather stays sunny and all our mums have the best Mother's Day. Good luck in finding your perfect gift, I hope I've inspired at least a few of you! Xoxo

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