Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day two... Sweet potato

Hey guys! So day two is almost over, I started off my day with an apple (better than nothing, right?!) 
Lunch consisted of a two egg omelette with cheddar cheese tomato and ham. Then finished off with a yogurt. 
Now dinner was interesting.. I've been trying to convince myself I will love sweet potatoes. So I popped it in the oven as a baked potato then topped with a bit of butter with sour cream and chives all mashed in.
 A side of broccoli bake which is: broccoli, bacon, mozzarella and a sauce of milk, butter and chicken stock mix together and pour over the ingredients. I cooked at 200°c for 20 minutes. 
And then just some chicken strips. 
I am now FULL and still no closer to loving sweet potatoes :( I still have one left to try and change my mind! 
I've been drinking tea, water and squash and finished my afternoon off with a 10 minute jog. 

Here's hoping all this experimenting pays off just a little in time for the weekend. Xoxo
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