Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter weekend

Happy Easter guys!! 
So what have you all been doing? Friday was a lovely chilled day with the family my sister plus fiancĂ© came over and so did the grandparents. I really wish we had better weather for the four days, it kind of sucks :( 
Saturday I shopped in the local city but I was pretty disappointed and came home almost empty handed. I guess my bank balance looks good for it though... Saving really doesn't help my shopping! I was hoping to pick up some new summer stuff or even an outfit for Sunday evening but I guess I'll have a rummage around my wardrobes to see if I find anything for the evening. 
Here's a little snap from walking the dog at the park... If you look close you'll see the ducks :p 
Enjoy the rest of your time off xoxo

Friday, 3 April 2015


I got excited when I found there's a limited edition out! I got my parcel today and was pleasantly surprised it's in a cute tin with the brush and makeup...even better it's with gold. Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE gold, I can't live without it, so super happy to find this. 
I'm a big fan of BareMinerals, I've been trying to find a product I love more but I keep coming back to it each time. I'm just on the hunt for a good liquid foundation as my skins quite dry, oh and also a primer erghhh, I hate the end of the day and my makeups half gone :( 
I'll update you on my purchases, I'm sure Easter weekend will mean I'll be treating myself ;) xoxo 

P.s grab the limited edition collection on 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Is it a green week?

I'm not sure why I've recently started wearing dresses and skirts to work, but it's defiantly expanded my work wardrobe which is always a plus! As my work is always cold I popped on a green jumper over my dress and accessorised with a studded black and gold belt. I suppose I like to add a bit of colour to my monochrome looks! 
I had to snap my photos fast this morning so I'm half asleep before I dash to work, oops. 
And it's finally the start to my weekend thanks to the bank holidays woohoo! Xoxo

Copy my look... 
Black and white dress here
Green jumper here 
Studd belt similar here

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

April fools

Never even came into my mind that it's April fools day, I've been writing the date all morning but never even thought about it!! Dammit, but at least it means I've stayed safe this year from the tricks phew. 
I was in a bit of a hurry this morning so I grabbed my new grey skirt and my white sleeveless blouse but managed to add some pattern with my flower cardigan (not seen in photo, sorry:( !) and finished my look off with a splash of colour with a pink jacket. I hardly get to wear it so when the weathers a bit in between seasons for us here in England it's the perfect time to bring it out. But still on a dash to the shops on my lunch it was cold and windy, so probably not the greatest of choices!! Oops xxx

Copy my look...
Grey pencil skirt from Next here or similar here
White h&m blouse similar here
Pink h&m jacket similar here

I seem to be an h&m girl today!! Xoxo